Sunday, November 18, 2012

Seven Angels Theatre-With Rob Bartlett and the Bartletts

Seven Angels Theatre
What a Dick... No Pun Intended

Credit goes to Joe Gugliotti for taking this picture. Joe and I were dying laughing when Rob Bartlett made fun of the members of the audience. This was particularly funny to us because had I just sat down when Rob entered the stage I would have been that person. When I went to sit down there was a bolt loose on my designated seat. I took my seat and minutes later the thing just broke from underneath me. Everyone was staring at me. Had Rob been on stage at that point I would have loved to hear what he would have to say.


Rob Bartlett said...

It was a great show. 7 Angels is one of my favorite places in the world to play. An intimate theater, staffed by great people, and the audiences are always awesome. This was Megan and Inuka's FIRST show as Bartlettes, and the only rehearsal they had was during soundcheck. They are total pros. And the sweetest ladies on the planet. Not to mention, one pair of SNAPPY chicks. (It always makes me look better to have really hot chicks onstage with gives off the impression that I'm really popular with the women) Justin looks like he was REALLY glad he came to the show!

Justin Klanica said...

Mr. Bartlett, I was very glad to get the chance to see you in person. Having the Bartletts on stage with you was a very nice touch.